ZwiftPower Not Showing Full Power Details

So, I took part in the Kiss Europe Race yesterday and it shows up on my ZwiftPower results table but it only shows the basic info, not the full power breakdown etc.

The other two races I’ve competed in show all the info, my strava account is linked… I really have no idea why it won’t populate the data?!

Anyone else had this issue before?



I have the same issue for the first time on the 24 January Kiss Europe race.  I have emailed Zwift Power, too.

Moving to General Discussion as this is not an official Zwift site.

Thanks for posting this Ryan. Hopefully someone will be able to provide some insight. It’s so frustrating!

Any news on this topic?

Markus Nübel,

You will need to contact Zwiftpower, Zwift does not run that site.