Zwiftpower Data

  1. without breaking the Terms and Condition of Zwift can I publish my team members individual results on our own Team facebook page.

  2. to follow on can I publish league results on the league’s facebook page using several different formats which are not supported by Zwiftpower.
    eg. (1) GC type event where if you miss a race you get the slowest time +1 min, all riders times individually added up.
    (2) EU and US race results combined to show one result.
    Due to Zwiftpower not supporting this I have an admin team who can do this.


Has anyone got missing data / suspected incorrect data from the Race League last night? I’m missing the 20 minute average wkg and also my 15 sec average says 5.9wkg average yet on the sprint segment in the event, I averaged 10.9wkg over 15.33 secs, this would pint to my profile data being incorrect perhaps?