ZwiftHub + Garmin Fenix 6 - flaky Connection

Hey there,

just tried my new ZwiftHub Smart Trainer in combination with my Garmin Fenix 6x Watch and 125W ERG Mode. It seems the connection between the Trainer and the Watch is rather flaky - one can see that Power Metrics often drop to 0W even I was constantly driving the ~125W.

Are there any known Problems?


noone any idea?! :frowning:

Anyone with a Fenix 6X here who could try if this also happens with other ZwiftHub / Fenix?

another try today with ZwiftHub + Fenix 6X … massive drops on Power Graph :-/

but no drops on Cadence - so it’s not connection problem but something with the Power Data transmitted to Fenix?!?

Just to clarify, you are using your Fenix to do workouts (i.e. ZwiftHub <–> Fenix) and not Zwift? It looks like it’s getting worse.

Have you tried using your ZwiftHub with Zwift and if so, what were the results? If you tried it on a PC or Mac, it would be interesting to see results to see what’s happening with sensors and packets.

exactly - ZwiftHub <–> Fenix 6X in this case. (Easy ERG-Based Recovery Training with Netflix on the TV and not Zwift App)

ZwiftHub in Combination with Zwift is working fine - this is the Power Reading within Garmin Connect, 3 days old, when Data is directly transferred from Zwift to Garmin:

It seems it’s some sort of problem when ZwiftHub is transferring Power Data directly to another Device - Fenix 6X in this case … :thinking:

Right, makes sense. I do a lot of Z2 and minimise Zwift and watch movies so I might give this a try.

I just read through the comments on this DC Rainmaker article and a few people had the same symptoms and a lot of people had no issues.

The few people with the same symptoms also had the trainer paired to something else so signal were competing for control of power and tbh, your power graph looks exactly like two things are trying to control it. Do you have the ZwiftHub app open on your phone, Zwift on in the background (or Companion if you pair to Zwift via that)?

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Good point about the possible competing connections. Today I had the Zwift app running in the background because I wanted to compare the Zwift / Garmin recording.
But I think the first time only the Garmin was running, but I’m not 100% sure.
Will do a test tomorrow where definitely only the Garmin is running and nothing else and then we’ll see if that could be it… thanks for that hint! :slight_smile:

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I get similar issues but for heart rate tracking, (1) trying to use my Fenix 7 indoor bike activity, paired to Zwift Hub and get a zero heart rate reading. (2) Broadcast fenix 7 heart rate to zwift app but then the reading is incorrect and static (stays at 80 for example).

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today I tried it with my Fenix 6X as only Device connected. But still some drops in Power Data! :frowning:
(but way less than last time)

I’m having a similar issue. Using a Garmin Epix as a broadcast heartrate monitor I acutually just keep losing connection the the zwift hub.

Hope you’re closer to getting this resolved.
Wondering if you can help me with a query. I have a Kickr Snap and am thinking of buying the Zwift hub for wheel off.
I like to record my indoor rides both on my Garmin 945 and whatever app I’m using (Zwift, FulGaz). With the hub, I’m presuming that the Garmin will recognise the trainer and record all required data, including HR which I intend to use the Hub HR strap pairing and broadcast to watch and app on iPad. Make sense? Now will this work? I’m presuming dual bt from the hub means yes…one channel to watch, one to iPad.

I have the Phoenix 6X pro titanium, and had very similar issues with the heart rate monitor. I simply opened a warranty claim with Garmin, and they sent me a new watch as soon as they receive my old one. No questions asked. Solved my connection issues. It also solved my heart rate not reading over 120bpm.

I have the exact same issue with different setups, I tried Fenix 6x and Edge 520 Plus - both show power drops and some signal interference, I originally thought it is related to HR broadcast that I was using with a different trainer before getting the Zwift Hub.
Most of the sessions with Zwift (98%) were squeaky clean, at one point I added Fenix 6x as a heart rate monitor and tried using the zwift hub as bridge - this is the time I started observing drops in Zwift as well (rider would stop and go all the time), but I was also broadcasting HR and could have been causing additional interference.
This is very annoying - I had some feedback from the Zwift support but nothing indicating that this is a common issue, judging by the posts here there is something there for sure!

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