Smart trainer power fluctuating

Hi guys,
I always train using structured workouts , I have Wahoo Kicker snap trainer and it is working well since 2020.
Today and while I am training the power suddenly jumped as if ERG is activated although it is not and power kept fluctuating for the whole workout with no obvious reason.
I tried disconnecting and connecting the trainer again and I unplugged the power and reconnected the cable but still the same.
Any thoughts ?

Have you ever paired/linked your trainer with ANY other devices? Sport watch, phone, tablet, PC - absolutely anything.

Details on your setup would be helpful - device, other sensors, your network environment etc.

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I only connect my trainer to my laptop via usb ant+ dongle to use it with Zwift.
I use cadence and heart rate sensors along with the trainer and that is it.

OK, I’m going to suggest you upload one of your latest activities to Zwiftalizer to see if there’s a dropout issue.

I am having the same issue, glad its not just me. This is driving me nuts! I hope they fix it.

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