I am having trouble trying to use the ghost feature on

So far I have followed along the setup instructions but any time I log in I cant see myself or any other riders on the mini map.

I am also having issues trying to upload ghosts via strava?

Has anyone been able to successfully use this feature?

I think this site is broken and has been for some time. I don’t think the original developer is working on it anymore or something like that.

It works sometimes. Last year it worked almost 100% of the time, but now I think it’s closer to 40% for me. I don’t know why it’s getting worse and worse.

It has been stable for some time now, but today it seem to be off.

I have to click the Strava authorizations every time I start ZwiftGPS to get the Strava Segments banner to show when I’m on a Segment. If I don’t, the orange “Knight Rider” back and forth graphic does not show up at the top.

Has ZwiftGPS removed Strava segments?
I don’t see the option in the menu, and no Strava PRs show up now.