Zwiftapp.exe has stopped working Windows 7

Hi guys, our WIndows 7 PC has crashed a number of times now (error zwiftapp.exe has stopped working) always at the end of an event ride on the kudos / results screen.
I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled, cleared up more space, however happened again tonight.

Any ideas for next steps?

What are the specs of the windows 7 PC?

Windows 7 will not be supported by MS much longer, might be time to look at upgrading.

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3.4GB i5 processor
HD Graphics 4000

HD Graphics 4000 is minimum specs for Zwift and depending on how many riders are around you it might not be able to keep up and crash the app.

I am guessing this is a laptop so updating the graphics card is out of the question.

Is the Win7 computer fully updated, including all the drivers?

Thanks Paul, yes fully updated. And never crashes during the ride, always at the results screen at the end.

Are you running Zwift in Windowed Mode or Full Screen? I always suggest using Windowed Mode, it tends to resolve a lot of issues.

What do you have the graphics setting set to within the Zwift menu?

Thanks for your help Paul. Changed to my husbands laptop (with dedicated graphics) thought I had fixed the problem. However crashed again tonight at the results screen, will try your windowed solution and report back. Thanks.

The computer was in windowed mode.
Resolution was low.