Zwiftalizer 2.0

Noticed that Zwiftalizer has been updated w/new features and updated presentation interface. Quite nice!

Maybe add a way to select/sort by platform? or am I missing something?

I’ll develop a free-text search if there’s enough interest and sponsors to cover hosting costs. But to be honest I didn’t want to slice by platform because the vast majority of logs come from PC and Mac users where CPU and GPU are the main differentiators and OS makes no difference. Very few logs come from mobile platforms because accessing them is not as straightforward as on desktops and laptops and they all have some variant of a basic profile anyway, and there are no Apple TV logs.


love love love love having the benchmarks back! thank you!


After my initial post, I thought more about it and came to the same conclusion as you state in your reply. I also discovered that the cpu/gpu was clickable which is more in line with what I really wanted.

Again, good stuff and looks great!