Support function for technical setup analysis

Trying out Zwift is probably often done by trying it on a laptop/tab/phone you already have. After running Zwift for a while and starting team time trials with my team, it seems like performance has become an issue. Question is on what part I should start…?

Bluetooth connection to trainer (speed, delays) and/or heart rate monitor? Wi-fi connection to internet router (speed, delays)? Uplink/downlink? Graphics performance in IPad Air 4?

It would have been great to get some support for analyzing the technical setup, using function within Zwift (trainer setup already) or separate app.

Check out

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If you want to check graphics performance of iPad Air 4, triple tap on the Zwift logo at the log-in screen, email yourself the log file and drop on I’m currently working on a new version that does more with BLE and UDP network traffic up and down, and divides the session into multiple activities. I don’t know when it will be ready. Free time is non existent.


Mike, you’re simply the best!
Thanks for your efforts, ride on.

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Ha ha ha, flattery will get you everywhere. Thanks mate. Here’s a sneak peak of v2 showing how UPD server to client packets affect FPS. On a PC with an average CPU and quite capable GPU, the high UDP server to client traffic - which is typical of a race or group ride bunch situation - bogs down the CPU and GPU is underfed. About half way the rider leaves the group and we see the UDP StC packet count go down, and FPS go back up to the expected 60, give or take a few for the World and course - which is now logged. France, Casse Pattes in this case. I’m hoping to use this additional context info to start up the benchmarks report again.


It is no flattery, just “kudos” - zwifting for 3 winters and fighting with PC, BLE and ANT+ … Zwiftalizer was/is very important for me!


Bounced into zwiftalizer but did not understand where to get the log files. Exactly what I needed.

However, I only see the network statistics. Seems like there are no graphics data in my files… Any idea?

(Network data looks very good, as far as I understand.)

No graphics performance data found is now fixed. You might need to do a hard refresh to clear your browser cache.

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Update. There’s a little files icon on the log-in screen now, so you don’t have to do the triple tap trick anymore.