Zwift with Echelon Connect Sport


I was hoping someone could help me please- I have bought a spin bike and I was wondering if this app works with the Echelon bike or is there a way to make it work?

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Hello @shuaib_ahmed, does the spin bike transmit power via bluetooth or ant+? There needs to be a way that Zwift can read the power you are generating. Most of the time, spin bikes don’t work. One option is to buy power meter pedals to use with the spin bike, but this is an expensive option.

Thanks for replying mike.

I know it had bluetooth but does not find Zwift. the bike is the echelon connect sport. I did look at power meter pedals and those are almost as much as the bike. If I new I couldn’t use this bike with these apps I would have just bought a different one! lol

A few minutes on Google and you would have found your answer. Sorry…

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You can run the qdomyos-zwift app on your phone to connect your Echelon bike to another device (computer, phone, tablet, or Apple TV) running Zwift. Click the following link for information on how to use the qdomyos-app app to connect an Echelon bike to Zwift:


That worked- thank you!!! I was at this for ages, you sorted it in a few mins. Thank you good sir!!