Echelon Connect EX-4S and Zwift

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I’m trying to find an exercise bike for 500 or under to get started with Zwift and I ran across and Echelon Connect EX-4S still in the box on CL for my price point and did some searching. I found a couple threads concerning this model and connecting it to the app via the qdomyos-zwift phone app and see quite a few notices that it’s not affiliated or endorsed by Zwift. My brother also told me that sometimes, a Zwift update will break the way users are connecting with methods like these, causing them to have a device that no longer talks with Zwift.

I worry that I’ll buy what I think is a great deal in getting started with Zwift and end up not being able to use it at some point because of an update breaking support and the addon author no longer updating the connection method to work again.

I just don’t understand how this process works enough to gauge that risk. Could someone explain to me what the risks would be connecting an exercise bike via this method as well as any other detractions?

Thanks for your time!

The app isn’t officially endorsed but works in tandem. In reality there are no changes that would cause the app to not work. It basically connects the same way an actual device would to Zwift. Zwift knows no different.

Roberto is the app designer and will work very hard to ensure full compatibility.
I’ve been using the app myself for many many months and it’s never let me down.

For me it’s a no risk purchase.

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Stuart, thank you very much for taking the time to help. Can I ask how the interface works in regards to whether the bike changes resistance automatedly based on the Zwift ride or whether it’s a situation in which you change it manually while riding to somewhat match what you’re seeing on the Zwift app?

Sorry for the continued questions, I’m brand new to this type of thing and was hoping to find a device that will change resistance without me having to do it as I see changes in the app.


There are zero* spin-bikes that will do this.

If you want interactivity, buy a smart trainer and put “any bicycle that fits you” on it.

*OK, I’ll preempt the pedants: PelotonBike+ will, but not with Zwift or any other app that I’m aware of - you’re locked into the Peloton walled-garden at $30/mo.


Thank you very much for that clarification. I’ll start looking for some trainer that will work.

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There are external devices that have been designed to automatically manipulate the spin bike brake:

I have no idea of the status of these devices.

I agree with @Otto_Destruct get a used wheel on trainer (Snap, etc…) and any bike with wheels >26" and the experience will be infinitely better than a spin bike you have to manually manipulate the brake. You should be able to do that setup for a similar cost.

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Kickstarter unsuccessful: Shift Smart Trainer - bringing Zwift to your Peloton bike by Steven Booysen — Kickstarter

Thank you very much. I was actually working on getting the wheel-on trainer from the Zwift store but although they still advertise it on the front page of the hardware page, when you click the link for the Wahoo Kickr Snap, it just goes to a category listing now. I’m now trying to figure out what wheel trainers to look for that manage resistance with the app.

Wahoo Snap, Saris M2, Elite Tuo, TACX/Garmin something or other…Jet from SE Asia, and I am sure there is one or two Euro brands…the Spanish company that bought BKool’s hardware. oh yeah…kinetic…

You should be able to find used. I am in the US so Craigslist, ebay are the big ones. Every now and then you can find 20% off deals…REI just had one…Wahoo has them periodically.

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, a non-smart fluid trainer with a speed sensor is better than a spin-bike. At least you can increase resistance with your gears instead of a hand crank.

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