Bodytone SMB1v3 Smart Bike

Hello everybody,

I want to buy an exercise bike that is compatible with Zwift and especially with resistance modification.

Do you know a connected exercise bike?
After researching, I found this “Bodytone SMB1v3 Smart Bike” exercise bike. Is it compatible with the Zwift app with resistance?

Thanks in advance.

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Reading the advertising blurb and looking at the specs yes it is compatible and offers auto resistance.

That said I’ve seen this claim plenty of times only to find a catch like you have to subscribe to another 3rd party app to get it to talk to Zwift.

Can’t see any of that here though.

The Zwift Hub is a little cheaper though so have you considered a turbo trainer?

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I would strongly suggest NOT buying that bike. Like most of the other spin bikes claiming Zwift compatibility, it will likely be a let down - it is very much a spin bike first with Zwift as an afterthought and doesn’t appear on the official compatibility list: Indoor Bikes

The only smart bikes anyone should consider are the Tacx NEObike, Wattbike Atom, Stages SB20, and Wahoo Kickr bike.

If those are out of budget, look at a smart trainer like the Zwift Hub and put “any bike that fits you” on it.