Zwift-Wahoo Kickr resistance dropped considerably but Zwift reading went to 2000w!

Strange thing today - On the climb up Watopia Mountain my Wahoo Kickr’s resistance dropped suddenly and considerably but the reading on-screen was displaying massive wattage - 1200-2000 watts! This only happened for a few seconds but it did take me by surprise.

As you can imagine I’d like to know what happened so I downloaded the .fit file converted it to .csv and took a look at the max wattage readings.

Interestingly, I notice each of the error data lines containing the max wattage data has what looks to be random dates at the beginning of the lines.

Can anyone take a look at the attached sample and work out what’s happening?



data,3,2017-03-15 15:47:29,16672,63410,0,31,186,118,248,70
Error at pos 173BA:1600FFFFFF7FFFFFFF94

data,14,2016-08-14 16:45:37,1417674496,58720255,8585236.50,4155654672,959.2,30.394,18676,22,0,127,power:57374-18676>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 173C4:0E1138133200FF7F54FFFF7F

data,14,2016-02-02 11:25:21,1417674496,58720255,8585236.51,4155654896,856.8,30.394,19153,22,0,127,power:57374-19153>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 173E9:0E1138133100FF7F54FFFF7F

data,14,2015-07-23 08:13:37,1434451712,58720255,8585236.52,4155655120,780.0,30.394,19654,22,0,127,power:57374-19654>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 1740E:0E113A133000FF7F55FFFF7F

data,14,2015-07-23 08:34:57,1468006144,58720255,8585236.53,4155655328,677.6,30.394,20144,22,0,127,power:57374-20144>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 17433:0E113F133000FF7F57FFFF7F

data,14,2016-02-02 13:54:41,1501560576,58720255,8585236.55,4155655760,447.2,30.394,21139,22,0,127,power:57374-21139>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 1747D:0E115B133100FF7F59FFFF7F

data,14,2003-05-02 01:30:25,1501560576,58720255,8585236.58,4155656432,165.6,30.394,22691,22,0,127,power:57374-22691>2000 ,Suspect data at pos 174EC:0E1162141900FF7F59FFFF7F