Zwift & Wahoo ELEMNT connection

Has anyone heard of Zwift updating their connection/ride export to the Wahoo ELEMNT or Wahoo Fitness app?  We no longer have the need to keep our garmin connect, but still want a way to have zone analysis without having to pay for Strava Premium, or other paid services.  We are looking for zone analysis in a free connection… ideally one in an app we are already using.

I upload every ride to Ride with GPS through my ELEMNT. I don’t analyze anything so not sure what you want.

The Wahoo app would need realtime access to the data since it doesn’t accept 3rd party uploads. As for the Elemnt, if possible you could run it along side Zwift to capture the watts, HR and other data points.

I don’t have an Elemnt to play with so I don’t know if you can upload .fit files to it, but I am guessing you can’t.

ELEMNT captures all but the grade from Zwift. It is very simple. They just need to be on the same wifi.