Using my Wahoo ELEMNT with Zwift?

Any benefits in using my ELEMNT and Zwift?  Given that the routes are all GPS based for the most part, my ELEMNT isn’t going to record anything more than Zwift will record, right?



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Recording with your head unit wouldn’t be accurate anyway with Zwift rides, as the distance calculated in Zwift would be different than the distance recorded by your head unit. This has to do with the distance calculated in Zwift based on the terrain/speed which your head unit would not be able to account for. The gradient info in Zwift must somehow feed into your head unit in order for it to work, which is not possible currently to my knowledge. However, I do turn on my Garmin as a secondary display to look at power/cadence, time, etc.without recording anything, as I do not always look at the Zwift screen when I ride.

Caiman -

Thanks for the perspective.  That’s pretty much what I thought.  I was using a Sigma Rox and used it just for cadence and sometimes speed.  Was trying to think if the added “intelligence” of the ELEMNT was going to give me anything more.