Zwift ride not loading to strava

(Jay Homovich) #1

I noticed today that if the garmin head unit records, that’s the data that gets sent to  strava rather than the zwift map and info.  Has anyone had this happen that could confirm? 

(. ZwiftZone) #2

Not sure what you’re asking Jay, can you elaborate?

(keith barrow CLS D) #3

My rides will not load to Strava.

(Jacque Chapman) #4

I too cannot get my rides to load to Strava! Very frustrating!

(Andrew Wood) #5

Yes I have the same problem. If a run data to my Wahoo Elemnt at the same time as riding Zwift the data from my Elemnt goes to Strava not Zwift data. So it seems you have to choose which to run.

(Jonas A. Olstad) #6

Zwift, please have a look at this, I am experiencing the same issue. Data won’t upload to either Strava or Garmin Connect.

(mike beattie ZHR (H)) #7

My zwift ride didn’t upload to Strava either had to upload manually