Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]

Totally understand where you’re coming from - I’m primarily a Windows user and am eager to get it on my device as well. We’re actively developing the Windows version of this feature right now - I don’t have a target date to share just yet, but we’re making good progress and the initial performance of the feature looks great.

@Jon Our long-term aspiration is that we’ll open it for as many devices as possible. One of our highest priorities for this feature is that it needs to be super performant (so that it doesn’t negatively impact your in-game experience at all), which is why we’re doing a gradual rollout, observing performance data, and working on some additional optimizations that will be rolling out in upcoming game releases.

@Tim_Walsh In some cases we’ve dialed-up and then later dialed-down the release cohorts as we’ve been measuring the performance of the feature. If you want to DM me some of your device specifics (model and OS version) I can look into it more. Thanks!

+1! It’s super helpful for this and I also find myself using it often to capture observations during my rides for discussion with the team.

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All nice and good that this feature is rolled out for Apple users, but I really want to know when this feature will be availible for Android users.

BTW I ditched the use of my windows laptop and bought a new Android tablet a few months back because of the multiple freak crashes with windows that I hardly ever had using an older Android tablet that went obsolete because of Zwift reqirements last year. Since I am using an Android tablet again I had 0 crashes

@sjaak_van_Haasteren Glad to hear you’re having a good experience on Android! I recently started riding on Android a bit more myself (but I only have a phone; probably should get a tablet because I’d prefer a larger screen).

At a high level, we’re planning on rolling out Android support for video screenshots after we release the Windows version, but I don’t have a date to share at this time. We haven’t started work on Android yet - we’re currently working on developing the Windows version and continuing to polish the Apple version.

Thanks for the update Evan.

To bad Android is again the last platform in line to recieve this kind of updates. And that is a great shame as it is such an easy to use (and verry stabble) platform.

Furthermore I think Android shoud recieve an quality boost as Zwift banned most of the older types of devices last year. The diverence in the in game immage quality and details between Windows and Android is huge and in my opinion not needed.

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There is no Android device with power comparable with a PC and dedicated GPU, especially for 3D applications like Zwift.

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I agree – I’ve been discussing this with our teams as well and I’m looking into ways we can make more quality investments into our Android platform as well.


iPad Air 2
Software version 15.7.3

Latest version of Zwift and Companion

Updated the helpdesk with latest status, eg no change after installing update yesterday before my meetup.

Hi - Is the Strava Video feature coming to Android ZC App please? All my IOS buddies have it and I think it is a real shame Android users don’t have this brilliant feature yet. Thank you.

From a few posts up:

I’m also pretty sure that having the video screenshot button in the companion app is a way off yet. It’s currently just available in the game for some Apple users.

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Yep! As @Kev_Lewis shared, we are planning to bring this feature to Android, but right now we’re focused on expanding to Windows (and additional Apple devices), and Android will get started after Windows.

We’re actively working on Companion integration right now and are planning to have this available in an upcoming release. We’re planning to launch Apple TV and Companion support at the same time.


Hmmm… reading other posts it looks like I’m using quite an old device (iPad 5th gen) although it runs Zwift perfectly and even got the latest OS 16 update.
Not holding out hope it will get the feature but keen to see it rolled out to windows and android.

@evan-zwift I saw you were looking into particular devices that haven’t received the capablity yet for people. For some reason I can’t DM so just posting here. I have a 2015 Macbook Air with 1.6Ghz Dual Core I5 with Intel HD Graphics 6000 running MacOS 12.6.5. I know it’s old, but figured I’d ask since I love the concept of this feature.

@Patrick_Carr1 Thanks for the message! We have it enabled for all M1 (and later) Macbooks, but only a small group of pre-M1 devices at this time. We’re continually working on optimizations so that we can expand the feature to older devices without causing performance impact; hope to be able to expand it out to more in the near future.

And still no news about development for Android users.
Also quality boost for Android is still not there.

It will come for Android users. Enhanced features like this are not always top priority as it’s not effecting the overall Zwift experience.

And as for graphics boost for mobile devices i doubt that’ll happen as it’s too difficult to keep on top of given the vast numbers of different devices out there and the regularity of new models being introduced.

The news is a few posts up. Windows is in development now and Android is next in line. This is a useful feature for capturing bugs but the resolution of the videos is too low to be appealing for much of anything else. If I were emperor, they’d be prioritizing bug fixing and testing over this feature.