Video Screenshot Setting on Profile Settings not displaying

I’m trying to enable the Video Screenshot Capture feature but cannot see the the video screenshot profile setting. I though this would of displayed by default after updating to the latest game version. I am using an Iphone 7 which has the IOS 15.7.3 Version installed. Do you clearing and reinstalling the app? Hope someone can assist

In the release thread it mentioned the roll-out was phased in some way, so that might be what you’re running into.


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I had video screenshots on day 1. But the feature seems to have vanished for me.

Did you re-install by chance? Depending on how they are phasing it in, it might be an install time decision for certain OS versions etc.

I did not re-install, but there may have been a minor update between video being available and now.
Or it could be that my race performance has been so poor that the system did not deem my effort worthy of being memorialized in video.

No, I can confirm that it will record even the most pathetic efforts - I’ve seen a few in my photos library already :slight_smile:

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@GEORGE_KAVUKIS Yep as others have mentioned, we’re gradually rolling out this feature based on a variety of factors. We haven’t yet rolled it out widely to iPhone 7 devices at this time, but devices with Apple’s A12 chip (e.g. iPhone XS and newer) should generally see it now. Over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to continue measuring device performance and rolling out to additional devices.

@Mark_Napier Mind sharing which device you’re using?

Mac mini 2018. Plus an eGPU RX 5500 XT — There’s a thread and a ticket asking for that to be supported, btw…

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) macOS 12.6.3
No video screenshot settings here:( Please make it! Thanks!

I had video screenshots on day 1. But the feature has vanished for me.
In my case I use Apple TV.

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One more detail… on day 1, when I had the Video Screenshots… a pop up screen came up and required input or an option selection. I was in the middle of a race and fumble the Apple remote.
Not sure the the option selections were… but that was the last time I saw the Video Screenshots Icon.

Continuing the discussion from Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]:

I have the latest ios on mac and specs capable, plus on my iphone- no video option coming up in either of these on bringing up the menu

I use iPhone XR and not getting the film strip coming up on the companion app. I use Zwift with apple tv and also don’t see the option to capture video. Not Apple 4K TV but its still 4th gen all the same. When can I expect to see the video screenshot functionality on these devices? Thanks

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I also iPhone XR and don’t see the option in companion app.

I’ve seen it manually on desktop but the novelty has worn off and it’s now a bit of a “blah” feature. Not really important or that useful.

More interested in just getting my ride done than fumbling with trying to get videos recorded.

@Joe_Seip Sorry about that! That’s one of the issues we’re improving before we roll out broadly to Apple TV devices. It’s super cumbersome having to deal with any OS permissions popups, especially during an activity, so we’re changing this so that any permissions requests happen when you first open Zwift.

We haven’t rolled out Companion integration just yet - currently you can only trigger Video Screenshots from in-game using the blue action bar at the bottom of the screen. We’re actively working on the Companion integration and it’ll be coming out in an upcoming Companion/Game release.

This feature vanished on my iphone xs and mac air 2018 with the recent updates, both on zwift app (dashboard gone) and zwift companion (video capture)

Here we are in August 2023 and still no video button.
All I have is basically a screen capture function not very high tech!!

what device are you using?