Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]

Is it in the Photos app?

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Honestly, I’ve no idea. I know nothing about Apple stuff, the Apple ecosystem, or even how to get to the Photos app on the Apple TV.

But Zwift said it was uploading it, so I expected to see it with the activity and Strava.

I thought it might be on iCloud, but there’s nothing there. I’ll go and poke around on the ATV.

Edit: OK, I needed to sign in yet again on the ATV (that’s a PITA without a BT keyboard), and now the iCloud stuff is syncing.

Bit of an annoyance downloading it on my PC then uploading to Google Drive so I can download it to my phone.

I still expected the direct upload to work though.

I have a MacbookPro (Ventura 13.2.1), with the most current version of Zwift but I still don’t have to option for Video Screenshots. Is it not fully rolled out to Mac users yet? I’m looking forward to getting it, looks like a great new feature.

I appreciate different platforms work in completely different ways and a feature can’t just be dragged and dropped. But way to alienate non-Apple users by de-prioritising for new features.

Any idea on windows rollout date?

I’m happy to let the Apple users beta test it for us and get it when it’s bug free


True. The old, ‘let’s get free testing from our customers’.

However, it’s software so it will never be bug free. Bullet needs bitten at some point.

Is there any information on devices that will definitely not get the new feature other than the iOS version; it was mentioned about other factors may affect the availability?

I have an older iPad (6th Generation) with 32GB capacity and currently on iOS 16.3.1.

On my iPad I had this feature and used it with Strava. It then went away. I’ve rebooted the iPad, uninstalled and then reinstalled the app on the iPad, and verified I have adequate storage left on my iPad. I checked my settings and do not have an option to enable the feature.

I know you are rolling it out slowly to users, are you also disabling it after you’ve rolled it out? Any idea why the video screen capture would not be available to me now?

I am running a 2020 MacBook Air currently running MacOS 13.2.1 (1.1GHz i3; 8GB RAM; 20GB available drive space) and do not show the video screenshot option. However, I do have the option on my iPhone 11. Is the nature of the rollout such that this would be the case or is my MacBook not “powerful” enough to support the video screenshot feature?

That’s perfectly normal. Both devices may get it eventually.

you must be new here

TBH it’s a “feature” for which I see no possible use so if it never arrives I don’t really care :slight_smile: