Zwift using an MTB

I’m new to Zwift and indoor training in general. I only have a Mountain Bike and it’s also what I use on the Smart trainer. The set up is a 2x10 (26T and 38T infront, 11T-42T at the back)

I’ve been trying some Off-Road Training Plan (started with the most basic - Pebble Pounder) and I find it too hard to reach and maintain the intervals of 250w and 220w. I use the smallest cog (11T) and it gets me to 220W but it’s impossible to sustain for more than 2 minutes. I then shift to lighter gears and I spin out.

Am I just too weak? Or are training plans just built for road bike set up?

Hi @Ogy_Yap

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What trainer do you use. If you use ERG mode it should adjust the resistance so you don’t spin out. If you don’t use ERG you can use the ± keys on your Keyboard or the incline button on the companion app or the arrows on the onscreen menu.

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Ogy, upon careful readings, it sounds like you did not turn on the ERG mode. With ERG mode, you will not need to use the smallest cog and you will not spin out. ERG mode controls your torque to stabilize your power, so you can do these intervals in ANY gear.

The alternative to ERG is Level mode - you can adjust it in the companion app - you will then be riding an up-slope with a pre-set grade, instead of a flat terrain. With this, you will not spin out either.