Zwift Updates on Apple TV

I use ATV and the companion app to display Zwift. I was doing a part of a long ride this morning. After I finished I viewed the live stream of the remainder of the ride. The course graphics appeared so different that I asked the ride leader if they had changed courses. The live stream appeared remarkably different from the graphics I saw on ATV during my laps on the same ride. I’m wondering if an update was not applied? I have my preferences set to automatically update apps. I never log out of Zwift on ATV. Should I do that? Should I check the app store? Maybe it was my imagination but what I was seeing on the live stream looked much different that what I saw when I was riding.
Thank you

I am guessing, but I bet the ride leader you were viewing on a live stream was using a more powerful device, probably a gaming PC, that gets the ultra graphics profile. Apple TV, even the 4K model, will not get the highest level of graphics detail from Zwift.

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That could absolutely be true.

I have the Apple TV 32GB 4th Generation. Purchased a little over 2 years ago

Apple TV 4th gen actually runs below Basic (the lowest proper tier).


As mentioned, the livestream provider was probably running Zwift on better hardware. Thus, had better looking scenery (e.g., shadows, details, etc…)

While you do not need to log out of Zwift, you should definitely force quit Zwift after each session:

  1. Double click the (TV)/Home button
  2. Swipe left or right to make Zwift the focus
  3. Swipe up to make Zwift disappear aka force quit.

edit: auto update – While it does work, it is not immediate. If you hear or read of an update, you should probably manually check for the update. Auto-update might not have run yet.

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