Pay for Apple TV?

I am interested in using Apple TV for Zwift but I can’t find anywhere if you have to take a subscription to Apple TV+ for 5 euro per month. I am only going to use it for Zwift.

You do not. I think that just gives you access to some additional content offered by Apple. If you have a Zwift subscription, though iTunes or directly through Zwift, you just have to download the app and sign in.

This is their streaming service like Disney+ or netflix… not needed for Zwift.


Great thanks, that is what I needed to know. Then Apple TV seems to be perfect.

As long as your requirements don’t include excellent graphics detail the ATV works just fine. I have used it for nearly 4 years now with very few issues. I would be nice to have the great graphics, of course, but the convenience and portability have been great.


People seem to report more subscription/billing problems when paying via iTunes. Issues with renewal, pausing and cancelling subscriptions, etc.

wait until the new version of Apple TV at the end of 2022 /beginning 2023

Why? Zwift didn’t upgrade the graphics when Apple releases their latest Apple TV in 2021. Why would they bother next time.

Because you can use an ATV for a lot more things than just Zwift.

The latest update to the AppleTV used a chip with a CPU that was bit faster than the previous version but the GPU was a bit slower. There were four years between the first AppleTV 4K and the update. You might have a long wait for the next update.


Also it looked like Apple were also going to go down the monthly gamng subscription route which might have led to better graphics. However, Google stadia is shutting down so maybe this isn’t that popular. Wouldn’t surprise me if Apple ditched ATV altogether.

as far as I know the new Apple TV with the A14 chip and 4GB RAM was already announced for the next time. The reason is that Apple TV has to be more powerful for the big gaming market.

If that happens then I’ll buy it if it gets better graphics for Zwift. I have the original AppleTV 4K and the last update offered no compelling reason to upgrade…

If any new model does have the rumoured A14 SoC then it would be the same as the 4th gen iPad Air and various iPhone 12 models. Checking Zwiftalizer benchmarks reveals that they get Basic profile in 1080p at a capped 30fps…

…which is literally the same as the Apple TV 4K 2017 and 2021.

I bought Apple TV 4K but I have a full HD tv. The quality is not bad but I am wundering if the quality will be better if I upgrade to a 4K tv. Anyone experienced with it?

The display you’re using doesn’t affect how the game runs in terms of graphics and frame rate, this is the same on all platforms. If you used a 4K TV, the menus will look better (sharper), but the game itself will still be rendered in 1080p, at 30fps and the lowest level of detail.

TL;DR save your money.

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Do you mean that Zwift does not run on 4K? I thought they did?

Not on Apple TV, which you asked about. :wink:

Oke thanks

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FWIW, I’ve used “all the platforms” for Zwift - PC, iPad, some Android devices, and now, usually, AppleTV. I’ll take the hit in the graphics department in favour of convenience. The Companion App on a smartphone makes interacting with the game easier.

If anyone wants a discounted ATV, Apple sells refurbs directly - they’re usually open-box returns and come with a full warranty:

The solution to bypassing iTunes subscription issues is to subscribe directly at Buck a month cheaper too.

I have some experience with this, running an ATV4k (gen 1, with gen 2 remote).

I went to an electronics store and plugged the ATV 4K into two Samsung 32" QLED (OLED) TVs, the 1440P(2560×1440) and 4K Ultra (4096×2160), right next to each other.

While Zwift isn’t “fully” 4k on ATV, the HUD seems to be: text and borders were noticeably sharper on the 4K Ultra (4096×2160) version of the TV. It’s also possible the 4K Ultra version of the TV is doing some kind of up-scaling.

Regardless, I went with the 4K Ultra OLED version and Zwift does look better than it did at 1440P, very noticeably better than 1080P.

I was also doing a bit of future-proofing as it’s only a matter of time before Apple releases an 8K AppleTV with faster processor. In the meantime, I can hook up a PC to that TV whenever I like. (laptop on a rolling cart)

TL;DR: use whatever you’ve got, buy the best you can afford if/when you upgrade.

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