Apple TV Subscription


I currently run Zwift on an iPhone, linking it to a monitor via a HDMI cable and Lightning Adapter. I was thinking of splashing out on Apple TV and wanted to know:

If I only wanted to link it to the monitor and use it for Zwift, would I need to pay the monthly subscription?

I think you’re confusing the Apple TV+ service, which is a subscription TV service similar to Netflix and has nothing to do with Zwift, with the Apple TV box (which you buy for £170 as a one-off fee and can run Zwift).

You download the Zwift app for free from the Apple TV app store. Then you sign in with your current user name and password and you are ready to roll. There is talk of a new Apple TV on the way perhaps next week at the Apple iPhone event. Be sure and purchase the Apple TV 4k version.

Thanks Gents.