Zwift update does not work properly for non-admin accounts

This occurs under Windows 11. A basic tenant of computer security is that the account you use for day-to-day use is not an administrative account. Zwift seems to expect you to always use an administrator account. When Zwift tries to apply an update, it will ask you for admin credentials, as it should, but the update still fails because the credentials are failing to get passed to the web browser based portion of the Zwift system. This results in the following error message:
The way around this is to log out of the standard windows user account, login as a Windows administrator, log into zwift and perform the update, sign out of the windows admin account, sign back into the standard user account and then run Zwift, which requires another Zwift login because in the meantime it has forgotten your credentials. It all takes way to much time and effort when you are trying to get a sweat on.
The initial request for elevated credentials should be all that is required to successfully update the software.

Please fix this or tell me what I am doing wrong.

I’ve had this problem and gotten this error message for several updates. If there’s an update I have to open zwift as administrator, update (with this error message), close zwift and open again.

Altough I never log on my pc as administrator.