Admin Rights Required For Each Update

Hi. My laptop requires admin rights to be entered each time I open Zwift as it seeks for updates, etc. This is an issue because those with admin rights from my company are in London and I am in Kenya. Is there a way have the updates happen while my app is open?

I have seen this issue raised a few times on Zwift Support but have not seen an answer yet. Thanks very much. I do enjoy Zwift but will have to cancel my subscription if we can’t resolve this.

Unless you can get admin privileges on your work computer, then you will need to have an admin allow the updates each time. That is the only way around it. It’s generally recommended that you run on a computer/network on which you have full admin rights.

Please note: I haven’t tried this personally but, in theory, it might work.

Try uninstalling Zwift and re-installing it in location other than the Program Files directory.

Try a directory in your personal user directory.

The Program Files directories are ‘virtualized’ and protected by the operating system (which is why you need admin rights). If you install the software in a non-virtualized directory it may allow updates.

That said, windows also requires admin rights to run programs that have “update” or “setup” in their names … so you may have to rename the installer too.

Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try and let you all know how it goes.

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Hi Christian, Were you able to get this resolved, I have the same issue, and its a huge pain getting the IT staff to do the updates.

Unfortunately, not. I resorted to buy an iPad. Good luck!