After updating app is run from administrator account.

(Eryk Chmielewski) #1


as I understand this works in this way:

  • there is launcher application

  • there is a main application

Launcher checking if the user has the newest main application version and update if necessary.

But because program is installed on C:\Program Files folder it needs an administrator rights to put there changes.

I’m running my Zwift from account that don’t have administrator rights. So each time there is an update I have to give it admin rights.

This is not a problem. Problem is that after updating the main application is run with admin rights too. This gives side effects.

The ride file is stored on admin account. And I think windows registry is used to store configuration. Because after the update I selected my trainer (on this new page to select trainers) and on the next run (so without admin privileges) I had to do it once again because settings were remembered for the admin account.

So for me even if there is an update the main application should be run in the context of my account and not the admin account.


Thanks for checking this.




(Tim Clairs) #2

I also face this problem. 

I am running zwift on laptop for which I do not have administrator rights.  After running the update, it requires administrator rights everytime I try and enter zwift.

Getting my IT admin to provide password for updates every now and then is OK, but it is impossible everytime I want to use Zwift.

I am really looking forward to a response to this request.

Many thanks

(Michael Henasey) #3

Didn’t notice this change was from a recent update.

I did come across this running as admin thing the other day when I was experimenting with OBS and I had to run it as an admin in order to capture Zwift.

Not a big deal for me but I can see how this change can affect other people and possibly prevent them from using Zwift.

Did anyone open a ticket for this?

(Tim Clairs) #4

I seem to have found a fix for the moment - when I relaunched the launcher application it stopped asking me for admin rights in the main application.  It has worked for the past 2 days.  I am crossing my fingers and hoping it continues to work.  Will open a ticket if it stops working.