Zwift unable to find Tacx Neo on Apple TV

Hi, I use Apple TV for all Zwifting. Tonight Zwift was unable to find my Tacx Neo. It was working perfectly well yesterday. Ive uninstalled the Zwift app and done a reinstall. Apple TV software is up to date. The Tacx Neo is working on both the Tacx app and on the Zwift app on my iPad. I believe there was an Apple TV update yesterday that may well have created the issue. Any suggestions?

Make sure the Neo is not connected to anything else (Tacx app, Zwift app, etc…) Otherwise, it cannot connect to the Apple TV.

Does the Apple TV see your HRM?

Double checked. Apple TV sees my HRM & Garmin Vector power meters but still doesnt see the Tacx Neo. Zwift on iPad doesnt have that problem.

Yeah, so, I’ve had this happen with a Zwift update on ATV and my Tacx NEO 2T.

UN-install Zwift on the AppleTV. Ensure the NEO (or whatever trainer you’re using) is NOT paired (in ATV Bluetooth device settings), then restart the ATV. Reinstall Zwift, log back into the app and try again.

Failing that, do a RESET of the AppleTV (restore to factory settings). Restoring it will be easy since you have an iPad. Ensure the operating system updates, post reset, then reinstall Zwift. That will almost positively fix it if option 1 above doesn’t.

Finally, for future: always, always, always force-quit the Zwift app on ATV after use. You technically shouldn’t have to but that’s not the reality we live in - force-closing it seems to prevent a tonne of issues.

EDIT - note that the above has worked for people with other brands of trainer as well: Zwift no longer sees Kickr V5 (via Apple TV)

Hi, thanks for the advice. I wanted to avoid that but it was the only option and worked. Fit of a nuisance that we have to go this kind of rigmarole when updates seem to cause more problems than benefits. As you said this is the kind of world we live in.

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