Apple TV Device Connections

I log into Zwift on my Apple TV - it says my devices are connected (Tacx Neo & Garmin Fenix 7 HR) & lists them … but frequently it doesn’t read any data outputs on any of them.
When this occurs I am having to delete & reinstall the Zwift App on my Apple TV. It is occurring every second week or so - which is less than ideal.
Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Try a factory reset. Sometimes this helps resolve mystery problems with Apple TV.

Are you pairing via the Companion app or directly to Apple TV? Whichever method you are using, you could also try the other way and see if it behaves differently.

i have basically the same set-up and force close Zwift after each use or i will have problems.

I have been having similar issues, with Apple TV and iPad, always working through the Companion. Sometimes won’t connect at all, sometimes will connect but without any data. I unplug and plug in my Tacx Neo2T until I get a connection and data. I am not having issues with FulGaz and the Tacx app so I think it’s Zwift. Apple TV was so rock solid until a couple months ago!

Are you sure you are disconnecting from those other apps when done? Always force-quit any app that connects to your trainer/HRM/etc after using it.

I always kill Zwift and any other app to avoid any lingering connections.