Zwift no longer sees Kickr V5 (via Apple TV)

Apple TV 4k (with latest software),
Kickr V5 (also up to date)

Since yesterday (4 May 2023), Zwift no longer sees the trainer, which until then worked perfectly well. No other devices are connected to Apple TV apart from the remote and the heart rate monitor.
No other Bluetooth device was in the room (not even a phone).
Other apps (Fullgaz and RGT) work just fine, which means it must be an issue with the Zwift software.

Failed attempts to fix:
I made sure all software was up-to-date. Didn’t help.
Unplugged and replugged all devices from power. No luck.

Any ideas? Thanks, Stefan

Try these steps: Zwift unable to find Tacx Neo on Apple TV - #4 by Otto_Destruct

That worked. Thanks CJ!

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