Zwift not finding device on Apple Tv

Since the June 2020 update, the Zwift app on my Apple TV cannot find any of my devices (Kinetic trainer and HRM). Everything works fine on my iPhone. I have TvOS version 13.4.6 on a 4th generation Apple TV. It is really frustrating so I hope someone can help!

Apple TV has a limited number of Bluetooth connections - could something else be using them? Try restarting Apple TV. This link has some helpful info too:

Thanks for the response and the link. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the problem because my trainer and HRM are supposed to connect directly to Zwift as explained in the article:

if you have a with built-in cadence such as the Wahoo KICKR line, Tacx Neo and other smart trainers, Saris H3, or any Elite interactive trainer, you can pair up your heart rate monitor as well as your smart trainer directly to AppleTV and be off and Zwifting in no time!

It was working fine until the latest Zwift update. Now Zwift cannot find any of my devices when I’m using the Apple TV app. Still works perfectly on my iPhone.

Try unpairing the devices from your iPhone. My understanding is that Bluetooth is a 1-to-1 connection, so if your HRM and trainer are already connected to your iPhone, they are probably not available for your ATV to find.