Zwift training plans

Hi I am recovering from ACL surgery and I need a training plan to keep me going. Prior to surgery I did the 8-12 week FTP program. I have enrolled in the 6 week beginner program but the ride length is longer than recommended by my phsyio. I would like to gradually increase the length of rides to be around 40-50 min instead of over one hour.
I have used the toggles to decrease the percent of my FTP, hut was wondering if there if there is way to shorten the workout instead of not completing the ride (it looks bad with no :star:)


You can create your own custom workouts to suit you. You could then base those off the beginner program but change the durations.

Thanks. Do you know if you can copy a workout into the custom planner and shorten it? Or do you have to start from scratch?

Sounds like the Back To Fitness plan could be perfect for you. They are typically around 30 - 45 minute workouts and you can add to them as much riding as you want after that. It is designed for someone coming back from injury.

You have to start from scratch. But it’s very simple and only takes a couple of minutes to setup a custom workout (or even less).


This Support Hub article covers how to customize a workout.