Zwift trainer difficulty setting value

I know the default Zwift trainer difficulty setting is 50%, and there is a minimum and maximum setting which would be 0 and 100% respectively.


I think it would be helpful if there was a readout that lets you know what % you are at if you move the slider. I read where people say they like 40% but they are just eye-balling what they think is ~40%.


Would it be possible to give us an actual value for the slider setting?


Thank you.

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Think of it in terms of variability the slider only dictates how much full scale resistance your trainer utilizes.


Let me use the kickr as a the example.  (For a 75kg rider the sim mode provides at full scale 15% grade resistance)

At 100% if you are a 75kg rider you will feel a full 15% grade at or above 15% beyond that it can not do more

On the other end if you are going down hill at a -15% grade there is like no resistance at 100% (this being said the tacx neo has a motor inside to propel you down a simulated 5%)

At 50% the max grade felt is 7.5% at 15 and above

At 50% the max downward resistance is not full release




I know what you mean, even if the above poster doesn’t :wink:

You can set a definitive value if you go into 


In there you’ll find a line which looks like this 



You can alter the value between the tags to be whatever you want. It’s a multiplication factor not a percentage however. So 0 is 0%, 0.5 is 50% and 1 is 100%.


Hope that helps.



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Thank you Mark, yes sir that does help.


Sorry it’s been a while since I responded. What I did in the mean time was I made my own ruler. I used a piece of paper and measured the scale 0-100 on my T.V. screen. Then I marked on the piece of paper what 25%, 50%, and 75% would be and then held the paper up over my T.V. screen. The default setting is 50% and it hit my paper measurement smack dab in the middle. :slight_smile:

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The prefs.xml tip is great, but Zwift should still put number to the slider.

C’mon Zwift, give us a numerical readout. I shouldn’t have to edit the prefs to get a precise figure.

I agree, it’s silly that there isn’t a numerical value for this provided on the settings screen. Personally I like to set the difficulty to make the in-game gradient feel as realistic as possible. This requires some experimentation and moderate precision. Also sometimes I might change the setting and then want to put it back to exactly where it was before. A non-marked slider is an inappropriate interface for this variable - why not just have a number and + & - buttons?

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