Percentage notches on Trainer resistance slider

(Craig Howard WBR B) #1

Makes it difficult to see what you are set to without any numbers present.

(Mark Hewitt) #2

If you really want to get an exact number go to Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml then find the bit that says <TrainerDifficulty> you can put in whatever number you like between 0 and 1 so 50% would be 0.5

(Ed Burgess) #3

Hello All, what is the “best” setting for a computrainer then?

I can understand the setting in the code but why can’t it be shown with a numeric dial or slider. 

I’ve tried 0 & 1 on the current slider, 75-80% area seems the best for a realistic downhill but a little too difficult for up hills.

Am I doing something wrong?