Can you make the trainer difficulty setting in the app show an actual value along with the crappy analog slider

Pretty simple here, add the actual value the crappy trainer difficulty slider is set at so we know the actual value? Right now there is absolutely no way to tell in the ios app what the slider is set at; 10%, 18%, 33%.

I agree, I recently sent an email to Zwift support as I have been experimenting with the difficulty setting. Very frustrating that there is no percentage included like other apps.


Come on guys, reply and vote on this one!

I agree 100% with the 2 post on the thread. I would love to have a better way to know the value of the TD on Apple TV.

Please vote on this one :slight_smile:


Can markers be added to the trainer Difficulty scale? Maybe at 25%, 50%, 75%? or maybe every tenth of the scale?


Set it manually to the exact figure you want in prefs.xml. Or use zwift-preferences to do it with a UI.

Is this also an option for mobile devices or ATV, or just PC/Mac?

does it really have to be that precise?

PC/Mac I’m afraid.

I doubt is has to be, but it would be nice, and doesn’t seem like it should be too hard to add. This should be on the volume sliders, also.


It can be useful if you change it around. It feels like there’s a cutoff somewhere around 75 that feels substantially harder on most courses and going on the wrong side of that (whichever you prefer) is annoying.

I often switch to higher resistance when I’m expecting a fast flat sprint so that I don’t spin out…

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Am I off base here? Trainer difficulty I thought basically just effectively flattens hill gradients. eg. at 50%, turns 10% gradient to feeling like 5%, a 5% gradient to 2.5%, etc. A 0% gradient would still be 0% if setting is 100% or 0%.

If you’re sprinting on a flat course, does Trainer difficulty really have any impact?

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Markers for every 20% or 10% would help a lot. I use Apple TV so no way i can use “Zwift-preferences”.
Hope to see it soon.

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This and a improved course elevation profile are features that would really make climbers and puncheurs happy.
Don´t forget us Zwift HQ!



This would surely be a very easy update and as a Kickr Climb user, I can change my wheelbase dimensions on the Wahoo app to make sure the gradients I get on the Climb are accurate based on my difficulty, but I cannot do this without knowing the exact value of my trainer difficulty.

Please do this Zwift HQ!

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It really shouldn’t be that hard to add a number besides the sliders!

I really wish Zwift HQ would start to aknowledge the growing userbase who cannot hack the prefs files and do these little fixes which would mean a lot to many of us.

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That’s the way I understand it. If you’re on the flats the TD setting shouldn’t make any difference to the resistance/gearing. If you’re on a false flat, it might make a slight difference in the feel?

I use the trainer difficulty setting quite a bit. It really would be nice to have a numeric setting for this. That way you could keep track of the exact TD and the gear ratios used for a particular course.


C’mon Zwift it’s 2022! Putting the percentage on the slider or at least putting marks at 25% increments for IOS App users is way overdue. Especially for those of us that have to use the crappy Apple Remote to try and set the slider. Help us out and make your App much, much better.


Please ZHQ help us that use Apple TV … we are begging for help :wink:

I would value this (% on the slider; - and + button) much more than a extra generic route or extra bike.

Home Screen Update with a settings dialogue refreshment, but still nothing new in this regard. What a missed opportunity, I have to say I am disappointed.