Enter a difficulty setting

Not sure if the slide bar is to add the cool factor but it’s frustrating. I never know if I am at 25% or 45% or whatever. I shared our setup w hubby and we don’t use the same setting. I have use a ruler to eye-ball the position and hope it’s the same as before. Maybe other people don’t care about difficulty setting precision but I like consistency in knowing how I am progressing towards using higher difficulty up hills. So, if you have some free time on your hands, can we either enter a number or slide one? In case other people like the cool slide interaction. Thx

There’s an existing request for this. :+1:

If you’re on PC/Mac it’s possible to specify the exact number via the prefs file, or by using the Zwift Hacks preferences tool. But yeah, no reason for it to not be in the game natively.

I assumed I wasn’t the only one interested but didn’t see a post for it. Thx. I wouldn’t know where to begin to do as you suggest but hacking files isn’t something I’m thrilled to do. So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the request get put into one of the code Sprints. Thx

Here’s the tool anyway: zwift-preferences – ZwiftHacks

Thx. Maybe we’ll use that. I had pictured the files directory and Notepad++. Ugh. This looks better.

You can do it very easily with Notepad, it’s just a matter of changing a single value in a line, in a file that’s in your Documents folder rather than hidden away. But yeah the tool is obviously far more intuitive (and has other benefits of course).


See Can you make the trainer difficulty setting in the app show an actual value along with the crappy analog slider and add your Vote (button right at the top).

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Not everyone is using a Mac/PC to ride on zwift. On my side it’s on my iPad pro and I struggle to know which difficulty is set precisely (especially after my wife changed it for her own purpose)…

I don’t work for Zwift.