Set a PR up the Alpe with our Event Pace Partners!

I did the Alpe bot ride yesterday and overall it was pretty good! My previous PR was a 62:19 and I improved that to a 59:28 (finished 6 seconds behind the bot). My only ideas for improvements are:

  • Lead-in pace was a bit too slow (and I know there are plans to change this). For the B group, 2.0-2.2 w/kg would work better.
  • It would be good if we could see our running Alpe segment time like you do when doing a normal/solo ride (in the center, just below your current level). When I fell behind the bot, I had to have faith that she was on 59:00 pace and I’d still make it under 60:00 if I didn’t let her get too far ahead.
  • It would also be nice to see the “countdown” timer with your ETA and remaining distance when you get near the top.

Someone else mentioned they were able to see non-event riders - was this the case? I’d swear I saw a runner when we were going through the jungle, and there were riders coming down the Alpe too soon for them to have made it to the top.

Try dialing down or turning off trainer difficulty in settings and you’ll be able to ride a constant level of power the whole way. That will probably yield your best PR. I rode at about 15% difficulty setting, and I often gapped other riders in corners. I prefer the bot to go a constant pace so I can try to do the same.

Interesting. Do you use a smart bike or a road bike on a smart trainer? If the latter, did that TD setting allow you to ride in the big ring without excessive cross-chaining?

I’m using a smart bike. I’ve ridden the Alpe with trainer difficulty off, low, and max, and it’s definitely easier to manage the lower you set it. If trainer difficulty is high, you have to mentally stay on top of the shifting, watching your power very carefully to make sure you shift to keep it constant. I prefer to just focus on my w/kg target and ignore the rest. As to cross-chaining, it would depend on how the gearing matches your desired level of effort.

Thanks Paul. I was using my road bike and intentionally set my TD @ around 50% so I could use the small chain ring. It worked well when I did my solo PR ascent about a year ago but wasn’t optimal for shadowing the bot and breaking 60’ yesterday and I lost her fairly early on (similar to Mark’s experience by the sound of it).

Maybe not a bad suggestion, however that brings up another long-standing Zwift annoyance: The “Trainer Difficulty” being a slider bar with no exact level indicator.
If it we’re a 0-100% numerical setting then people could put it up/down as suited them for specific events based on their gearing, but currently you have to take a ‘best guess’ at what level you’ll end up with each time and getting it slightly different can result in different gearing experiences from one race to another on the same route.
It’s the equivalent of the colour slider bar for bike colour where you have to kinda guess at the colour/shade you’ll get when it could just as easily have a Hex Code entry option (although of course colour of bike is waaay less important than accurate trainer difficulty, but just another example of Zwift’s unfortunate inaccurate approach to things)
I’m also probably more annoyed by this kind of poor design given I work in software testing and I wouldn’t let ours go out with such easily fixable vagaries

Yeah my setup was on roughly 50% too as that’s how I’ve had it since I started doing ZRL races

a trainer difficulty of zero is basically making the course flat. So whatever gear you’d be happy with on flat ground where you’re pushing out the target power would be the same going up the Alpe.

:100: Vote for it!

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I think I mentioned this in another thread but since I was moved to the new settings screen (ATV) the %TD slider no longer moves smoothly through the scale. It now jumps in discrete steps, and fairly big ones at that e.g. 25% to 40% etc (eyeballing it). So things seem to have gotten worse, not better :face_exhaling:

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Thanks for setting these events up @James_Zwift :grin:
Although the guys I rode with up the climb and I weren’t your target audience of 4wkg (a fair way above this) it gave us an event that started nice and slow so we could pace (race lol) each other for pb times. The exact intent of the event, but approached differently

Cheers for the work on this! I will love for these events to continue so my partner can do it too

Hi James. I did 3 ADZ PP rides (b, c, d bots) and I really like the concept - I hope it will become a regular feature. My feedback/comments……

  1. Riders dashing off and fragmenting the group during lead-in is pointless and counter productive. The previously mooted idea of a “drop you” fence would be a great addition BUT the fence would have to switch off as the group reaches KOM marker.

  2. zwift Power results instantly turn these rides into a race, which they should not be. Furthermore, the ZP results give riders’ times including the lead-in. This is really pointless, especially when lead-in is at half power. The KOM time is all that interests Alpe riders!!

  3. The W/kg for each bot seem well considered and appropriate (especially b-bot for aspiring sub-60 riders)

I am sure there are technical exigencies that govern many of the gripes expressed in this forum but I hope you can work around them because this is a very worthwhile addition to the events calendar, please keep it up👍

An A+++ bot for BooX and his buddies would be a trip, but not many of us have ridden over 1,000 ascents so it is probably low in priority - sorry Boo!!

My sentiments exactly.

Otherwise, a great idea and thanks to James et al for making this happen. Hope it returns soon (or maybe Ven-Top and Epic KOM/Radio Tower :crazy_face:) :+1:

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True, but if you look under the ZP “Sprints & KOMs” tab for the event, you will see a full listing of all riders (all cats) and their AdZ times, Watts and W/kg values listed under the “Jungle Circuit” column :wink:

…btw - to back up Aaron’s comment. On my third ride, after I had seen how the concept was working, I tried messaging some “helpful” comments in the general chat box before the ride started. No one took any notice!:rofl:

Voted! However rather depressing that it was apparently first asked for via that post/vote over 4-years ago and still hasn’t been sorted :expressionless:

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Ah well, it was worth a shot! :slight_smile:

This is apparently normal. I’ve only been following the forums for a few months but it’s quite apparent that highly desired features often wait a very very long time for implementation, and this probably isn’t even a highly desired feature (some have many hundreds of votes and are years old). I will try using ZwiftPref to manage it, as @Dave_ZPCMR suggested in that thread.

I took notice for sure - thank you, much appreciated! :bouquet:

Loved the event. The warm-up was just fine for me. But without the explanations beforehand here and without Neil’s valuable tips I would have been confused during the warm-up.

Still totally amazed how well the PP worked for me. Used her as my benchmark and just tried to stay ahead with constant watts. It worked so well that I cut a full eight minutes off my previous PB. Would never have believed that was possible, learned a lot about myself. Thank you FutureWorks!

On the last segment I missed the estimated finishing time. And it was a bit confusing to see all the non-event riders (does this ever happen in other events?), but as it wasn’t a race the company actually helped staying motivated.

As others have stated it would be great to have Pace Partners in 5-minute-intervals.

And the results list should certainly show the climb time, not the whole event time.

Again, thanks for the great event!


I agree if you mean on Zwift/ZCA.

For those registered on ZwiftPower the climb time is shown in the results under the Sprints & KOMs tab.

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