Finding exact trainer difficulty on iPad


I have a Kickr Climb and am trying to setup the wheelbase “hack” to allow me to ride at a lower trainer difficulty, whilst making sure the Climb gives me the right gradient for each climb. However, I am using Zwift on an iPad and the usual Prefs.xml file that will give me the exact trainer difficulty doesn’t seem to be on my iPad and so I am not sure how I can out the exact difficulty I am on with an iPad. Is it possible?

It seems strange to me that the slider in-game doesn’t have the actual value shown too, as this seems like a simple fix to a problem quite a few people must experience.

Any help would be appreciated.



There is no way to tell exactly what trainer difficulty is set to unless 0 or 100% - best advice I can give is measure the length of the slider with ruler etc on your device and set to whatever percentage you want based on that measurement.

If you’re on a PC, you can select the exact difficulty you train at using the prefs.xml file in your Zwift/Documents folder. I don’t think that file exists on the iPad and so I was hoping to find a way of setting it on the iPad. I do find it odd that Zwift haven’t implemented what would be a very simple fix by setting a value next to the slider in the settings so you can make it exact.

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Sorry I meant on IPad or ATV that’s what I use for Zwift it is strange when Esports mention TD has to be set at 50% or higher.

See this thread for the Difficulty slider getting a numerical indicator - Can you make the trainer difficulty setting in the app show an actual value along with the crappy analog slider