Zwift Tour For All FAQ

Go to race tv at the bottom of the app, its in there

Why are A and B riders and C and D riders put in the same races? Having them in separate races would be a lot fairer and less of a blood bath. It must be very disheartening to just move up to B and be forced to try and keep up with A level riders that are pushing 5wkg and more.


Many thanks!!

Hey I’ve signed up to two different start times for TFA now. Each time I am ready 10 mins early, logged in and riding round Watopia to warm up. Each time I have waited for the join event button to appear bottom left or for the prompt in the middle of the screen. Nothing has happened. The time counts down and the event starts without me being able to join. Am I doing something wrong? Are others experiencing this bug?

The join event should show up with 30 minutes to go. So if it isn’t there within 30 minutes something is wrong and my advice would be to log out and in again to see if that kicks it into gear.

Hi @James_Moore4

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Quick question, what count down are you referring to?

It can be a network access issue:

see: Signed up for an event - never prompted me to join? SOLVED - #12 by Matthew_B?


a quick question. I did the ride stage one as a race and and still have stage 1 marked as not completed. Do I need to do a group ride to have it complete?


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Thanks Ben. Will give that a try.

same problem :frowning:

I had to do the Group Ride to get it completed. Don’t understand why it doesn’t work the race.

Update: those who rode in Stage 1 should all be properly credited now. We did a reconciliation of members affected by the crediting bug. You may have to log out / log back in.

I don’t see mine yet I did it yesterday and where can we see results. I saw my result in Zwiftpower

Hi @James_Rosca

the latest companion app shold have a Tor for All banner showing witch stages yo completed.

Only the races have results, group rides are social and therefore don’t have results.

I saw the result in zwift power but i dont see it in the app

Zwift power is a 3rd party site not run by Zwift.

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Hi Gerrie point is it’s confusing / frustrating that you use the ABCD to mean different things for different events. Why can’t you just stick to a system and if you need flexibility then create it some other way.

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I agree although it’s not as clear cut as you state.

I have noticed that SOME races have staggered start while others have mass start. This is weird.

I raced the short and long versions of stage one and first occasion it was staggered start, busy but everyone was similar ability so ok. Second occasion was a mass start and even though short and long races were in different courses the first 10km or so was the same so there were over 1000 riders in same space. This not only affected the race with lots of abnormal drafting benefits for lower categories it also confused zwift as the position and field sizes changed massively during the ride.

To make it fair on races and servers please can you stick to staggered starts for ALL races.

Note I’ve done a random check of future events in companion and there are a mix of start times with no logic as to why some are staggered and others are mass.

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Tour For All - Stage 5

Very confused - there are 4 Group Rides in Stage 5… With Group B (Shorter Route) 20mls longer than Group A (Long Route). Group C - Women Only is fine, then there is a Group D - with a longish route again…?

Anybody make sense of it…?

Seems like Stage 5 is different from Stages 1-4 in terms of A/BC/D. Each category is a favorite from
a Zwift group.

I did a group ride for stage one and it’s showing up as a normal ride in Watopia, can someone help me update this to show I completed it on May 5th? Thank you!