Zwift should follow symlinks / aliases in the path to Workouts, or support folder hierarchies

(Jay Batson) #1

User story: As a user, I want Zwift to access workouts that are on a shared folder, e.g. Dropbox, so that I can maintain workout libraries with other Zwift users.

Solution: Make sure Zwift follows links to folders (OS X symlink / Alias, or Windows mklink).

Discussion: I have several sources for .zwo workout files:

  • My coach
  • My cycling club
  • Friends

Today, I maintain these collections through several shared Dropbox folders (each with different sharing groups). (My filesystem has a single folder named ~/Dropbox/Zwift-workouts that itself contains Aliases pointing to each of the various shared folders.)

Currently, if the ~/Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder is changed to an OS X Alias or symlink, the link is NOT followed by the Zwift application, and the workouts “under” the symlink are not visible.

If Zwift supported following symlinks for directories (recursively), I could simply perform this command: “ln -Fs ~/Dropbox/Zwift-workouts/ ~/Documents/Zwift/Workouts”, and all my workouts would appear as desired on the Zwift Workouts startup screen.

(Preferably, I would like to create an “Alias” using OS X Finder to do the same thing, since these are superior to symlinks.)

If this worked properly, various Zwift sub-communities could maintain Dropbox folders with .zwo workout collections, and I could use the scheme above to be able view into all of them from the Workouts page.


(Jay Batson) #2

Oops - I mis-titled this. The “or support folder hierarchies” is a vestige of an early attempt to name the post, which is slightly incorrect. It supports them today, but only for actual folders - though not hierarchies of links.