Zwift setup advice - single speed

Hi all,

I’m looking to get into using the zwift app more often although need some advice on the best steps for me to take with my current setup, and the issues i have with it:

Bike: 2015 Langster - single speed
Trainer: Lifeline TT-02 Fluid Turbo Trainer
Accessories: Wahoo RPM and Speed cadence and Wahoo TICKR

At the moment whenever i try to ride with zwift with the following setup, i’m struggling to see my avatar move at any decent pace despite me peddling to my limit. I know not having a smart trainer along with the fact i am on a single speed bike is the cause and will never be as accurate as my current setup but i’m definitely struggling when my avatar is hardly moving while if i put that much effort out on the pavement i’d be moving at some speed.

I’m mainly looking for advice to move forward so i can make my experience with indoor riding more enjoyable so i have thought of the below options which i would appreciate some help with:

  1. buy a smart trainer and use it with my single speed bike

    • which smart trainer would be best to go for? i don’t need anything top end, just something to get me going.
  2. buy both the smart trainer and a geared bike

I’m aware buying both would most likely resolve my issues here, although if i could make use of my current single speed then that would be ideal.

Would this setup with any current smart trainers work with my model of single speed bike, would i potentially need to get a new sprocket to support some of the smart trainers, depending on the one picked ? Or is it just going to run into problems further down the line and i am best off just buying a geared bike at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

I assume the Langster has a 120 rear axle, which would make getting it on any smart trainer ‘a challenge’. If it does have a 120 rear axle maybe this Zwift Ride with KICKR CORE | All-in-one indoor cycling setup is the better option.

If your langster has a 130 rear axle, which would surprise me, you could just get the core and some play controllers for virtual gearing.

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There is an adapter for that. It would also require a longer chain so it would be more of a problem if you expect to ride the same bike outdoors.

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Thanks both for the replies,

I believe it is a 120 rear axle so i’d need to go for the adapter as Paul mentioned, although i’ll triple check before any purchases.

Looking like the wahoo-kickr-core-zwift-one bundle on the website is my best bet then as it includes the cog + virtual shifter?

I won’t be using this bike for outdoor riding it’ll strictly be for an indoor setup. I’ll either look at a new chain entirely or some extra links, new chain probably makes more sense!

Thanks both

Also just to confirm,

It states that the trainer/cog is Not compatible with 1/8" fixed-gear or single-speed chains. Is this in regards to the width of the chain?

Is there any recommendations of chain that i can use that’ll be compatible with the 2015 langster i’m currently using, along with the Wahoo KICKR Core + virtual cog?

Thanks again

I think the problem with 1/8" chains is rubbing on the plastic bits of the Cog. You can use an 1/8" chain on a 3/32" sprocket. You could also eliminate the plastic guides and replace them with spacers. Since you don’t have shifters the guides are not really needed. That approach would also allow you to adjust chainline and probably reduce noise.

Almost any 3/32" chain should also work, unless your front chainring is designed for 1/8" only (I don’t know if it is but you could ask a Specialized dealer).

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For $150-200 you can get a used Kinetic Road Machine and a InRide 3 sensor.
Maybe even cheaper because the rise of smart trainers have made this system obsolete but it is very accurate and inexpensive and fairly light wt, not loud.
DC Rain maker and GP Lama gave it high marks back in the day.
This would work best with a bike with multiple gears but , if you are used to a single speed bike IRL, then it would be about the same.

A more expensive trainer with virtual shifting would give you a full experience.
I would only recommend if you really want an inexpensive option.
That would be an accurate dumb trainer, essentially the same thing as a smart trainer with the trainer difficulty set to 0.
This is the least expensive option to get in the game with accurate results.