Zwift smart trainer

Would i be able to use the new Zwift smart trainer with a fixie bike? And if so, which cassette should i order it with please? Thank you for any input. I’m a numbers guy and just looking for fun training in winter, no races or anything like that as I’m way too old but still kickin’. Cheers all.

There are adaptors that are often proprietary for a particular direct drive trainer, like these: Trainer Adapters – Velobike

…and quite expensive.

Ngl: I’d strongly suggest either going with a good wheel on trainer, or buying a “mule bike” to use on a direct-drive trainer.

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I have a tiny apartment and already own a single speed bike that i really like. In winter I have to bring my bike in, might as well hook it up to a Zwift smart trainer and ride through winter in my apartment. The Zwift smart trainer already comes with an 8 to 11 gear cassette preinstalled. Will i be able to remove this cassette myself and install one of those crazy priced adaptors which are half the price of the smart trainer?

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Just buy a cheap Single Speed kit. They normally have enough spacers and you can adjust the chainline accordingly. It’s not really going to make any difference what cassette you order with the trainer as you’ll be replacing it. If course, you’ll be able to sell the cassette for more than the cost of a SS kit.

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This is the best way assuming your single speed has hub spacing of 130mm or more. If the hub spacing is similar to a track bike (eg. 120mm) then I think you’d have to go the route of the adaptors.