Zwift says my bluetooth receiver is off

Hi Guys,
Zwift says my bluetooth is turned off when i try to pair my elite direto xr to my macbook air,
Question is, how do i turn it on? My airpods are connecting fine

Hope you can help

The process I go through when Bluetooth doesn’t seem to be working with Zwift (on mac) is:

  • Turn Bluetooth off and back on again
  • Quit Zwift and restart it
  • Reboot the computer

Usually quitting Zwift and restarting it solves the issue for me

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Thanks Paul for the quick reply, I’ve tried that but no luck.

Check if permission has been granted for Zwift to use Bluetooth in the Security & Privacy settings


Ah Paul, you’re a legend, that fixed it. I spent hours and days trying to resolve this.
Thank you so very much, I’m back in the game baby!!!


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This might mean you missed the little dialog box that should pop up after any Zwift update asking for permission to receive network connections. I’m not sure if that affects other settings besides BT. Look for it next time you update or reinstall.