Zwift says I'm zwifting but I"m not and none of my devices are connected

My wife’s and my companion app say I’m zwifiting now but i’m not. My trainer is not connected I only run Zwift on my I-Pad and it show’s I have no devices connected to zwift. But I cannot connect my Trainer (Tacx Neo 2) to my Tacx Untility App. I have tried restarting router and internet. Taking Companion app and Zwift app off my devices and reloading them. Nothing works.

Help Please.

Sounds like someone has hacked your account!?

It can be that Zwift was still open on you other device.

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I don’t think this is it as I’m also having weird blue tooth issues with my trainer. It’s like i’m stuck in Zwift even tho NOTHING is connected.

Do you have Bluetooth on? :roll_eyes::flushed: I know cuz I always forget to turn it on!