Zwift RunPod firmware

(Josie) #1

If you haven’t updated your RunPod firmware (via MilestonePod App), please check it out by downloading it after you pair on Zwift in-game. Let us know if you’ve seen improvements in your running experience, or if you are finding any issues.

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(Aaron) #3

Firmware is updated via the Milestone App, correct? Are you saying this is done WHILE the pod is paired with a Zwift session? I did not think that was possible since a BTLE device can only have one active pairing.

(😺🐾) #4

Yeah need more clarification on this. Just checked and neither the Milestone app nor Zwift say anything about a new firmware. Is firmware checking going to be part of Zwift?

(Lauren) #5

When you pair the RunPod to Zwift, Zwift will recognize if the firmware is outdated. A prompt will come up on the screen asking you to update the RunPod’s firmware. It takes about 3 minutes or so. It should be possible to update through the MilestonePod app, but it’s easier to do this in Zwift instead.

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(Peggy) #6

Same here. I ran in Zwift today and it didn’t say anything about a firmware update. No firmware update from the Milestone app either.

(Michael) #7

Mine updated through the milestone app, it threw an error near the end of the update but hasn’t asked to update again so assume it actually completed, is there a way to check firmware / force an update? I’m struggling with hitting the higher speeds in Zwift still.

(Lauren) #8

To check the current firmware version or battery life of your footpod, tap the footpod icon in the Milestone app and a popup will display this information. The latest firmware is version 4.0.52.

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(😺🐾) #9

I had to install the Milestonepod app to check my firmware version and I only have 3.0.76. What’s new in 4.0.52 and is there any way to force an update?

(Josie) #10

Hey there - are you using a MilestonePod or the Zwift RunPod?

(😺🐾) #11

I’m using the MilestonePod.

(Josie) #12

Thanks for that info - the MilestonePod is not currently able to update firmware in-game on Zwift. You’ll still need to check that via MilestonePod App, which it looks like you’ve done. If it isn’t prompting a firmware, then you’re all up to date :slight_smile: The 4.0.52 firmware is for the Zwift RunPod.

(😺🐾) #13

Thanks, but this seems to suggest that the Zwift RunPod isn’t just a rebadged MilestonePod. Time to buy one then.