Zwift - Run ...weekly parkrun

As I’m sure most zwift run users will know, every week across Europe at 09:00 groups meet at parks to run a measured 5km.

How about having a zwift parkrun at differing parkrun venues each week for those of us unable to get to an outdoor parkrun?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


I’m so glad to hear that many runners of the community are gathering to run together outside of Zwift!

If you’re looking for us to organize something officially on our end, you can always write in to with this request.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to participate in group runs in-game, you can also check out our events page, or the listings in Zwift Companion app. You’ll find times, distances, categories, and descriptions of the events!

I think what David is suggesting is a formal tie in between you and Park Run. This is a FREE organisation that runs 5k park runs at 9am every Saturday morning across the world. I participate in one most weeks. Its actually quite a cool idea for people who can’t make the real thing. I am not sure how ParkRun would take it but a proper tie up may benefit both Zwift and Park Run…

Exactly this Steve.

I would love to do a ‘proper’ parkrun each weekend but a) living in Ibiza, there is no such thing and b) I often have work (home office) and childcare commitments on Saturday mornings meaning the treadmill is my only option to run.

It seemed like a cool idea to be able to run some of the actual parkrun courses through zwift on a Saturday morning with a few like minded treadmill users :slight_smile: