How about weekly Zwift sponsored mega-runs?

I love the fact that anyone can organize a 5K, 10K or whatever run they want…and that every day, there are plenty of group runs to join and participate. I’m new to Zwift and have run 3 5K’s and a 10K over the last couple of weeks. In most situations, there are between 5 and 10 people in the group. I also love that you can designate a group that runs at your pace.

What I’ve been looking for (And maybe I just don’t know where to look), is a weekly run/even or something that is much larger that draws hundreds of runners to the race. It could still be runners of all running abilities, but having that as a weekly large race would be really great. I would say Zwift could coordinate these races and provide large XP increases for anyone who participates and completes the race or otherwise provide free virtual stuff.

Running with others is motivating…and having a race with hundreds of folks would be that much more appealing. Thoughts?

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There was a large running event last month. With the weather warming up in the north there is going to be less runners on Zwift (not that there are a lot now). Zwift has never given out XP increase for joining any event, but that have given out virtual and IRL swag.

I running and ride on Zwift, but do it solo exclusively.

I am currently working with Zwift to setup a 5km Handicap race that will hopefully occur every other week on a Sunday across multiple time zones. There is also Run in the Park on a Saturday and Monday Run club that are designed to be run as a group.