Running League. Let’s run with more fun

I see a lot of events for bike and are really great. But the runners need some more love from Zwift. When are we going to have a League or something like that?

Some ideas:

  1. Start the season with 5km and finish the season with a halfmarathon. In the middle events in group with long runs and speed work.

  2. Create the Majors of the worlds in zwift. London, Wattopia, NYC…

A system with points not just based on speed.

What do you think?

Join the Facebook Zwift Runners group and you will see how many group runs there are.

I think once there are more people running on Zwift there will also be an increase in group events.

I am in the group but nobody run at 5;30 or 6:00 am.

I’ve tried to create and event. Zwift don’t answer.

In bike there are so many events, challenge… In running we don’t have that. A league or kind of.

And thank you of the community of runners that creates events but not for my hours.

But there are people running at the time I run. So I miss the event.

Right now there are far fewer runners than there are cyclist on Zwift. With cold weather coming to the northern hemisphere the number of runners will increase an there should be more events.

The Facebook Runners Group is where you are going to find out about running events/group runs.

Just remember not everyone wants to do group runs, some like me prefer to run/bike solo.

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I am very much like Paul generally preferring to run and ride solo. However some days it would be nice to run in a group where you actually stay together. Rubber banding would help this.

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