New Zwift Race Series for August

Next weekend is the next Zwift Race Series run: “Park to Peak”. Surprisingly it’s not in Titans Grove, but in New York instead. It’s a quick 2.9 miles (4.7 km) from Central Park to the top of Sky Loop. Optional use of incline on the treadmill.

I’m surprised at how little publicity these runs seem to get. I’m hoping to get the word out to increase attendance as I really want to see Zwift Running grow.

More info:

I did notice that too. I’ll see what we can do. Thanks for the reminder.

See you out there next Sunday!

Quick update. The link above to the Zwift website shows most of the race start times, but there is an additional start time listed in the Zwift Companion app (1:00 pm PST). All races are on Sunday, August 11 throughout the day. Hope to see lots of runners out there!


Is there a plan to “run” another race event in September? I missed the last one due to being away…

Keep up the good work… I try to use Zwift as a running trainer as much as I can.

There should be a September Zwift Race Series event, but it hasn’t been announced yet. I’ll say something here as a reminder when it’s scheduled. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you there.

There was a 5km staggered start event over the weekend just gone and I hope in will happen again in another couple of weeks.