Zwift Run custom goal "distance" is broken

When selecting custom goal in Zwift run, and select distance, select the distance you want, like 7.5km or something like that, then when exit out to normal view, it then turns into 30 something km and if one enters custom goal again and to correct it, it just adds more and more distance to the target. Maybe known but this has been the case since Feb-March something upgrade. Worked perfectly until then.

How odd, i use this feature daily but I’m in miles.

What device are you running Zwift on?

Just tested it on Android and yes it’s broken. Missing the up and down arrows and seems to default to 30 every time.

I use Samsung Tab 7+ with Android. I use km
One needs to swipe up/down to adjust distance.
For me, everytime I try to adjust, it adds the distance, so eventually I end up with 70, 80 100 km :slight_smile:

Thanks both. I’ve made the team aware.

Also affecting Windows too.

And if i set a value in KM, it shows it as it was set in Miles.

i.e. i set the goal as 1 km, then in the running screen it shows 1.6 km to run, as if I had set 1 Mile as target

Hi Zwift Team.

Any update on this please, it’s still causing issues.

Please fix