Zwift run and training peaks workout pace drift

I have a training peaks workout that is built on %threshold pace for intervals of duration. the first interval was “warm up”. in training peaks the build of it was:

warm up:
75% of threshold pace (13:20 min/mile)
Endurance Run | 12:43 - 16:04 min/mi

and when i did that portion of the workout it started at a pace slower than the 75% of threshold pace and during that 10 minute duration kept suggesting gradual increases in that pace which went > than 75% threshold pace.

Why? And how to prevent it?

thanks :slight_smile:

It sounds a bit similar to this discussion

Paul thanks :slight_smile: That’s the same problem :slight_smile:

i heard from tech support at Training Peaks just now and this looks like the solution Thanks be to God :slight_smile:

"Thank you for reaching out. For the warmup block, when they sync with Zwift it will gradually build in pace, this is a feature of Zwift that can’t be changed. If you would rather have a steady pace for your warmup I would recommend using an ‘active’ block rather than a warmup block.

For your threshold pace in the workout, please check your threshold zones set in Zwift as if your threshold pace is faster in Zwift the pace will adjust to those zones rather than your zones in TrainingPeaks."

now i just need to find where run threshold zones are set in Zwift and adjust to make them equivalent in Training Peaks :slight_smile:

Zwift gets this data from your distance times in your profile.

You’ll need to adjust these to try and match TP

Thanks :slight_smile: