Zwift routing me off course

Why does Zwift keep routing me off course? Today I tried riding Sugar Cookies and then after about 2.5 miles it routed me onto Alpe de Zwift. Happened twice. With another route it sent me onto Repack Rush. Any suggestions or thoughts?

That route requires that you be at level 10 or above so if you are below that level then it won’t be possible.

Alternately, do you have a steering device paired? If so, look for the Intersection Controls setting.

Paul Thanks very much for the response. I’m a Level 35 rider so that shouldn’t bee an issue. I do have a steering device. Where would I find the Intersection Control setting? Thanks

Settings >> Preferences

Scroll down :+1:

I’m guessing you need to have a steering deviced connected.

Appreciate the response. So I just checked and Intersection Control was ‘On’. I turned it off. I’ll let you know if that solved the issue.

So I just tried a short ride and the suggestions seem to have solved the issue.

Thanks very much for the assistance.

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